Cover: PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 23 Mashup

PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 23 Mashup

All the presentations smooshed into just a few words

For this wrap-up blog post, Karen Niedzwiecki has summarized the Sept. 23, 2015 PechaKucha Night presentations in order of speaker, including a line from the video too.

“Everyone has bad drawings in them, and the sooner you get them out the better. Friends that play board games together, stay together (unless they play Risk). Context is critical in creating meaningful public art. The people that you lose were never your people – your people are out there, you’re just in a different room. He knew his land so well, that the fog was completely irrelevant. One of the side effects of inflatable suits is children running after you. While a hipster may have the burly presence of a lumberjack, many of them have never seen a tree in their lives. The confidence I gained from getting sober has now permeated the rest of my life.”

Many thanks to those brave souls who got behind the mic for our entertainment and elucidation:

  • Tiff Bartel - Illustrator, Musician & Writer
  • Justin Ladia - Marketing Lead / Graphic Designer
  • Tricia Wasney - Manager, Public Art, Winnipeg Art Council
  • Kyla Roma - Web Designer, Business Coach & Marketing Strategist
  • Chris Paetkau - Build Films Partner
  • PKN VIDEO (Jimmy Kuehnle, an artist in Cleveland)
  • Kristin McPherson - Communications Manager, FortWhyte Alive
  • Joel Penner - Time-lapse scanner photographe
  • Mari Loewen - ANNA Magazine
  • David Landreth - The Bros. Landreth

There are more photos on Flickr with the tag #pknwpg23