Cover: 'GDC North of 60' Limited Edition Letterpress Poster. Designed by Adrian Jean CGD

60th Anniversary Limited Edition Letterpress Poster

2016 marks GDC's 60th year. To commemorate that milestone we crafted a limited edition hand letterpress poster.

Update: April 21, 2017

Award Winning!

GDC North of 60 Poster wins a 2017 Applied Arts Design Award.

Update: April 11, 2017

Sold Out!

All of the 60 numbered originals have now been sold. Thank you to all of your who purchased one of these posters. As a result we were able to donate $600 to the GDC Foundation!






About the ‘GDC North of 60’ Limited Edition Poster

At every GDC National Annual General Meeting (AGM) there is a tradition of creating a poster to represent the theme of that AGM and/or the community in which the AGM is held. For the 2016 AGM in Whitehorse, Yukon, a poster was designed to mark GDC’s 60th anniversary and to reflect Canada’s northern territories. This limited edition letterpress design was developed from that original poster to create something commemorative and unique.

Limited Edition Production

  • Only 60 production posters made
  • Letterpress by Porchlight Press (Vancouver)
  • 3 Colour + Blind Debossing (for the Constellation/Star Field)
  • 2-pass black for optimal contrast
  • Limited edition, each hand numbered and signed
  • 17” x 24”, Printed on 110# “Cranes Lettra" 100% Cotton Stock
  • $60 CDN per poster + taxes and shipping.

View this short video of the poster to get a real sense of the texture and craftsmanship.

Great Keepsake, Good Cause

Proceeds from the sale of this poster will go to the GDC Foundation, a benevolent fund that hopes to support designers in need as well as offer scholarships for up-and-coming design students.

About The Artwork

Together Canada’s northern territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut) are a vast and diverse land. Diverse in culture, topography and nature. Yet common to all three are the naturally majestic northern lights. 

The undulating light-play of the aurora borealis is characterized in this poster by overlapping waveforms of colour which also represent the varied topography and colour of the north.

To mark GDC’s 60th year, “60” is positioned prominently in the center of the poster. Around it are the four cardinal points, something inspired by the phrase “north of 60”, which refers to being north of the 60th parallel and looking forward from 60 years of GDC history.

The three northern territories are represented in this poster by three animals (harp seal, snowy owl, arctic fox), each depicted within the counters of the “6” and “0”. While not specific to each territory, all three animals are found in Canada’s north. Look closely and you will notice that the animals themselves are made of typographic elements which include the numbers “6” and “0”.

Blind debossed above the waveforms is an abstract reflection of constellations you might see in the night sky above Whitehorse. Of course where you are on earth, and when, will determine what constellations are visible in the night sky. The ones depicted in this poster reflect what you might see on June 10th, 2016, the date of GDC’s 60th anniversary AGM.


Poster Design: Adrian Jean CGD, Cultural Consultant: Mark Rutledge CGD, Printing: Porchlight Press, Vancouver, BC